J O I N   T H E   G R A V O L U T I O N




Marc Mevissen: Vocals  |  Guitar  |  Keys

Dana Dohmen: Drums

Zero Gravitation is an electro rock duo from Germany. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Marc Mevissen and drummer Dana Dohmen. After making music and playing a presentable number of shows together since their early teens, they both decided to restart Zero Gravitation as a duo in 2016.

Coming from the background of a traditional rock lineup the restart also came with a change in sound. By combining stadium-sized alternative rock with elements of electro and pop, Zero Gravitation creates a unique sound  and the dynamic choruses invite the audience to sing along and have a good time.

Over the last years they played more than 100 shows and festivals in Germany and around Europe and performed alongside German top acts such as Revolverheld and WIRTZ.

Since being a duo the band released two EPs so far.

C O N T A C T   U S

 Email: contact@zero-gravitation.com